cigar marquetry inlay on a custom humidor Cigar marquetry inlay on a custom humidor (click to enlarge)Super Mario 3 Marquetry Super Mario 3 Marquetry (click to enlarge)


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What do you cherish?

The glory days from your alma mater? A family portrait? Your sports team? Your business logo? A graduation, wedding, or a newborn child?

Lignapix lets you memorialize your favorite images with the class and beauty of wood. Your favorite pictures become a work of art worthy to display in any room.


What is marquetry?

Marquetry is the art of combining pieces of real wood veneer to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures. I learned the technique at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in 2012 and haven’t stopped since.

Marquetry Hands

I love working with wood because I think it is the most beautiful building material on the planet. When you are looking at a piece of wood, it came from one tree, from one place, at one point in history. That piece, with all of it’s intricate grain, will never exist again. Each piece is entirely unique.

humidor with custom cigar inlay humidor with custom cigar inlay (click to enlarge)

The marquetry technique lets you use many different species and colors of wood to create a picture. Contrasting wood tones can be juxtaposed for striking effects.  And when top-coated with a clear finish, the grain has a 3D effect which shimmers and changes based on what angle you look at it. Each piece of veneer that I use is intentionally chosen for your project among thousands of varieties.

I hope you enjoy my work, and that you will find yourself enjoying a timeless marquetry piece in your home or office, or in that of a loved one.

Chief Illiniwek Marquetry Chief Illiniwek portrayed in real wood.Illinois State University Redbird Logo Marquetry Illinois State Redbird Logo Marquetryadam-stephey-lignapix-harding-bison-marquetry The Harding BisonOle Miss marquetry logo Ole Miss marquetry


marquetry body

  • Each color of wood you see is individually cut by hand from various species of real wood.
  • Absolutely one of a kind.
adam-stephey-lignapix-Super-Mario-3-wall-art-real-marquetry-detail Close-up example of my marquetry. Every line was cut by hand. (click to enlarge)adam-stephey-lignapix-before-and-after-cubs Turn your cherished images into Lignapix.

 The story.

I have sawdust in my blood. Both of my grandfathers were hobbyist woodworkers, and I got my start in woodworking at the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby. Fast forward a couple decades full of woodworking training, experimentation, and various pursuits (Living in Munich, teaching vocational skills to at-risk youth, retrogaming), and the result is Lignapix.

The artist and his family The artist and his family

My preferred expression of woodworking is the art of combining fine pieces of wood to create an image known as marquetry. It can be incorporated into furniture or can stand alone as hanging wall art. Contact me to talk about commissioning a piece reflecting your passions and interests.

Portrait Sized Marquetry

Basic sizes for portrait-sized marquetry (inches):

  • 8×10
  • 11×14
  • 16×20

Portrait sized marquetry starts around $195 and includes:

  • Your choice of solid oak frame or ebonized edge treatment.
  • Pre-assembled picture frame hanging wire.

Business Logo Marquetry

Basic sizes for business logos: 36″x60″ (3 feet by 5 feet)

Business logo sized marquetry starts around $1,995.

Factors that affect price include:

  • Size
  • Complexity of image
  • Framing
  • Radial Background

Business logos include solid oak frame and french mounting cleat for easy and secure installation.

The Paw Pad Goldendoodles Business Logo The Paw Pad Goldendoodles Business Logo, 36″x60″ (click to enlarge)

Custom sizing available upon request.

Past commissions. (click to enlarge images)

Norwegian Rosemaling Marquetry End Table Top Norwegian Rosemaling Marquetry End Tableadam-stephey-lignapix-name-irish-flowers-marquetry-wall-art-full Gift from a loving aunt to her nieceChief Illiniwek Marquetry Side Angle Chief Illiniwek Marquetry Side AngleIris Marquetry Pub Table Full Iris Marquetry Pub Tableadam-stephey-lignapix-munich-monk-marquetry-wall-art-full The Munich Monk, the city seal of Munich, Germany


Get the perfect gift for a loved one, or as a special piece just for you.

Would you like to discuss a custom piece? Have a question about pricing? Contact me below. (Keep scrolling down to see more from my gallery.)